Romance Writer
For the past year, I've been selling short stories, mostly to the True magazines. For a complete list, go to      

Professional Organizations: RWA Pro, DARA, KOD, and Elements. Membership director of Lakewood Library Friends.

Hobbies: Reading, movies, yoga, and needlepoint.


BAD DATES ~ Girlfriends desperate to win a radio show's contest, try bowling and meet men who "claim" they're plumbers.

TEMPORARILY EMPLOYED ~ Murder, mayhem, and romance ensue when a routine traffic stop leads a former retail executive turned temp to uncover an embezzling scam tied a murder.


Two of my articles for DARA News have been published in other RWA chapter newsletters.

"This is Not Working" top 100 in WOW Contest.

WADE AND GRACE first in the RWASD 2008 Hook Contest.

TEMPORARILY EMPLOYED 3rd in the 2007 Lone Star Competition.

BLOG: for the latest news and interesting author interviews.

Facebook: vicki batman
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